Beginner Pilates Workshop


This workshop is for anyone starting off on their Pilates journey and/or for anyone who has a joint condition and needs to know that they are doing the right exercises that suit their condition and bodies. We will go through one by one the Pilates Principles of Breath, Belt, Neutral Spine, Shoulder Stabilisation, Pelvic Floor Engagement , Slow and Controlled Movements so that you get a greater understanding of your body and the Pilates method. I will show you the basic Pilates moves broken down with or without equipment to see what suits your body the best. We will also look at posture types and you will have the chance to identify your posture type and then see what Pilates exercises you need to do to improve your posture. We will finish the workshop with a Pilates flow class to music and everyone gets to take home their starter kit to use at home with the online classes or/and bring to class.

You will also receive a full colour illustrated work booklet to make notes and take home to keep as a reference.

Date/Time Class Held: Sunday 22nd January 2023 | Time To Be Confirmed

Venue: To Be Confirmed

£65 (price includes a kit bag of FFP Bag, Pillow, Bender Ball and Band)

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Workshop (With Kit Bag) EARLY BIRD – £65, Workshop (With Kit Bag) FULL – £70, Workshop (Without Kit Bag) EARLY BIRD – £40, Workshop (Without Kit Bag) FULL – £45