Online and Face to Face Course


Once You Have Completed the Course

We require a monthly license fee of £19.00 for the first 12 months of you becoming an instructor. This grants you life time access to your online instructor area where you will receive:

      • 12 months worth of choreography videos, notes and suggested playlists.
      • Marketing Material including social media advertisements
      • Business Advise and Guidance
      • An Online Community Area where you can chat with us and other instructors!
      • 10% Discount from our Online Shop
      • 10% Discount from any Fitness Flow Pilates Classes & Events
      • Continual support. We offer all qualified FFP Instructors FREE refresher courses
      • If you would like to buy more choreography besides the nine releases you have already in your instructor area then you can do so at a charge of £19 per release as and when they become available in the “Flow to Go” shop.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to demonstrate and apply the Pilates Principles effectively
  • How to apply teaching points, modifications & progressions
  • How to flow & connect the moves
  • How to flow to the beat of the music
  • Your first Fitness Flow Pilates Release
  • How to market your new brand of classes