Instructor Area:

  • MODERN and UNIQUE With Different Levels to Accommodate All Abilities

  • CORE STRENGTHENING & BODY DEFINING MOVES choreographed to Great Music, New & Old

Welcome to Fitness Flow Pilates

A Modern & Unique Combination of Core Strengthening and Body Defining Moves Set to Music!

Fitness Flow takes the traditional style of pilates to a whole new level. Fitness Flow Pilates incorporates brand new and distinctive moves, often using a variety of equipment and set to the latest music, making the classes challenging, effective and most importantly, fun! Fitness Flow classes are more intense, but do not defeat the benefits of traditional Pilates and are suitable for all abilities. Our instructors will always be on-hand to demonstrate a level of intensity that is suitable for you to enjoy your workout.

The 4 Main Elements of
Fitness Flow Pilates

The Moves

The Fitness Flow moves are each variants of traditional pilates moves. Whilst similar, Fitness Flow Moves are designed to merge into one another.

The Flow

The moves gracefully Flow from one move to another, making classes more enjoyable, challenging and dancelike!

The Intensity

Once you’ve mastered The Flow, in comes The Intensity. Various pieces of equipment are often used to create this.

The Progression

There is always that next level to take your Fitness Flow Pilates workout.  Multi-levels are always given, but you can be certain that you will Progress!


Carol Marie is the founder and owner of Fitness Flow Pilates.  Her passion is Pilates and Carol Marie has created a flowing, choreographed style of Pilates class which is both challenging, but rewarding and guarantees results that will not only improve your physical appearance but also your inner core.


If you are a Pilates Instructor, be part of the biggest Pilates movement to hit the Fitness Industry in over a decade.