Fitness Flow Pilates Beginner Workshop


Have you ever felt lost in a Pilates class?

That feeling that everyone knows what they are doing apart from you! and you can’t seem to co-ordinate your arms and legs!

Pilates has 7 principles to adhere too, plus you are learning the moves (once you grasp the main traditional movements the rest will follow), and you are learning about your body and what it’s capable or not capable of. There’s a lot going on!

That’s why I run Beginner Pilates Workshops and my next one is Sunday 23rd January at 11 am – 2 pm. Here you will learn about how to apply the Pilates Principles, learn about your posture type and what exercises suit your body and what exercises need to be modified plus you will go away with a Fitness Flow Kit Bag (band, pillow bender ball and work booklet).